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At Mama Crockett's Cider Donuts, we really only make one thing... the best apple cider donut EVER! It starts with local, fresh-pressed apple cider sourced directly from an orchard in Nelson County, VA. We mix the cider straight into our batter, fry it while you wait and roll those babies in delicious coatings straight out of the fryer. Fantastic apple cider is the first “secret” ingredient, but timing is the second. We take our donuts from the fryer to the sugar bin in a matter of seconds, which allows our dry, sugared coatings to melt into a crispy outer layer and transform the donuts into something you’ve never experienced before! They’re good anytime, but there’s really no replacement for a hot one.

For a next-level experience, visit our shop in Lynchburg, VA, where we feature a wider selection of coatings and house-made donut dips to compliment your crispy, golden rings! Did we mention the shop has a soft-serve ice cream machine? Yeah… ice cream on your piping hot donuts is a thing, and it’s fantastic.

Our Menu


At the shop and on the trucks, we sell donuts by the “Dozie” or by the “Halfie”. If you’re looking for less than a Halfie, we might look at you like you’re crazy, but we’ll work it out. Our food truck menu is crazy simple. We made our famous donuts one way, and one way only for years before we branched into something besides a cinnamon sugar coating, pure maple sugar. It’s just those two things most days. We may shake up the truck menu every now and then; but time, space and equipment limitations force us to keep the truck offerings simple, fast and classic. If you’re looking for a classic cinnamon sugar box at the shop, ask us for a “truck dozie” or a “truck halfie”, you won’t see either on the menu board (secret menu!), but we’ll set you up with a takeout box at a discount price.

Truck prices are $6 and $10 for cinnamon sugar Halfies and Dozies, $8 and $15 for maple and we’ll split a box for $7 or $13.


At the shop you’ll find the same donut we’ve been slingin’ from the trucks for years with the added bonus of extra coating options, delicious house-made donut dips, soft-serve ice cream and more! Halfies and Dozies at the shop are $8 and $15. Every box comes with 1 free donut dip. Extra dips are 50 cents each.


Cinnamon Sugar

Pure Maple Sugar

Caramel Crunch

Gingrrr Spice!

Choco Dust

Sweet P.B. Dust

Lemon Crunch

Peppermint Crunch

Chocolate Toffy

(6 featured at a time, not a complete list)



Cream Cheese Frosting




Sweet P.B.

Salted Caramel

(3 featured at a time)